Wah Lum for Adults and Teens


Martial arts training is NOT just for children or superior athletes. Learning traditional kung fu provides adults and teens with an exceptional opportunity to improve fitness, develop and enhance physical and mental control, and reduce stress, as well as gain practical self-defense skills.

Students move at their own pace through a diverse curriculum learning traditional empty hand and weapons forms, pratical applications of techniques, and proper conditioning in a safe, professional environment. Individualized instruction within the group class setting provides students with the most efficient and productive learning environment making Wah Lum Kung Fu an excellent choice for both men and women with a broad range of fitness goals.

Classes include stretching for flexibility, endurance drills for stamina, and weight bearing exercises for strength. Forms training improves concentration and focus by intergrating mind and body as one learns to "move with meaning", using proper energy and intention. Practical self defense and control are learned through structured drills and instruction in the proper application of martial technique, appropriate to the ability level of each student.

Kung Fu, the literal translation which is "hard work", provides the willing student with a unique opportunity for self examination and improvement unincumbered by the distration of an overly competetive environment.

Furthering the development of physical, mental, and emotional,
Health - Control - Confidence
is a natural result of Wah Lum Kung Fu training.