Integrated Wellness

Sherry Seaver, Kathleen Chick, and Lois Whitney all of Concord, practice a chi kung exercise at Wah Lum Kung Fu of Concord's Integrated Wellness class.

Traditional eastern arts meet the best in modern fitness theory and exercise science in our Integrated Wellness Program

Integrated Wellness is an excellent choice for those who are seeking the most flexible, efficient, and safe way to meet their health and fitness goals.

A fully wholistic approach to training, each lesson begins with a focus on the integration of physical movement with relaxed, focused concentration, and breath, through the practice of traditional Chi Kung exercises. This is followed by personalized instruction in the latest techniques for full body stregthening and conditioning, individually modified for each student's age and ability level.

Each 60 minute lesson provides the student with the most essential, efficient, and safe exercises for the mind and body designed specifically to meet the needs, and address the "side effects" of, our modern, hectic lifestyles. Our Integrated Wellness Program is a unique, personal, and effective approach to improving health, balance, and welllbeing.

The lesson format incorporates elements of

  • Ch'i Kung & T'ai Chi
  • ability modified core conditioning/strengthening
  • balance & stabilization
  • stress reduction & relaxation

Please refer to our Class Schedules Page for current days/times for this class.

Sherry Seaver and Kathleen Chick, both of Concord, perform leg and core strengthening exercises in an Integrated Wellness class at Wah Lum Kung Fu of Concord. Mariah Temby, 83, of Concord performs a core strengthening exercise in Wah Lum Kung Fu of Concord's Integrated Wellness class.











Student Testimonials:

“Having been invited to join this program by a friend but not being one that generally enjoys exercise classes, I reluctantly agreed to try it a few times, not knowing what to expect.  Initially, I said I would give it a try just to make my friend happy.  However, after several weeks into the class I realized I was stretching, strengthening, and balancing my body and calming my mind… and I felt great!  So I enrolled in the following session, and now nearly two years later, I look forward to the twice weekly classes.  I am truly surprised by how much better I feel when I leave class."  -Kathy, age 72


“Our instructor has an amazing ability to understand each student's strengths and challenges including past injuries and physical limitations.  In the last few years, I have had many challenges to overcome: mastectomy surgery, sprained ankle, and a broken elbow, just to name a few. Attending this class has been one of the best things I’ve ever done as it has been an invaluable part of my rehab and recovery.  Even while wearing surgical drains or with an arm in a sling, I have been able to participate in class, improve my level of fitness and wellness, and feel part of the group, usually boosting my mood as I dealt with each of these challenges.   -Sherry, cancer survivor, age 69


“Learning to focus on my breathing has helped me to become more relaxed.  The Ch’i Kung exercises are easy to learn and provide a welcome relief from the hectic lives we tend to lead.  My weak wrist is much stronger and I no longer have chronic low back pain.  I love the fact that everyone in class has been able to improve their mobility and increase their strength. It's fun and I always feel wonderful afterwards."  -Lois, age 66

"I had been searching for an exercise program that was sustainable without being boring and read about the excellent health benefits derived from the practice of Ch’i Kung. Because there were no classes in my area, I worked with several videos to learn some of the basics, but always knew that a group setting would be better. After participating in a demonstration that Andrea gave at the Chelmsford Senior Center, I enrolled in her Integrated Wellness Class and have become a huge fan of her clear, concise and personalized method of teaching. Doing Ch’i Kung daily has lowered my blood pressure considerably, increased stamina and given me an exercise routine that is easy and totally manageable. Ch’i Kung is the perfect exercise for everyone. You start by “showing up” and then reap the health benefits that follow."  - Pat, age 70